Corto Olive Oil



Is a family vinaigrerie founded in 1908 by Agustí Badia. Since then it has not changed its name or location or philosophy: To produce excellent vinegars, with a unique personality and an unmistakable character. They are using the Artisanal Schützenbach Method for a better quality product.

Main characteristics of the Schützenbach method are:
– It is 10 times slower than the Industrial Method.
– It allows more of the flavours and aromas of the original wine to be retained.
– The vinegar achieves a smoother flavour.

These three main points result in a better quality vinegar.

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Corto’s EVOO/Canola blend is a perfect value proposition for use in the kitchen. When you want the premium flavor of Corto’s Fresh California EVOO at a value price, use the 51% – 49% blend as a sauteing oil then finish a dish with their full flavored 100% EVOO. The convenient 20 liter bag in a box packaging has a ready to use push button pour spout. The oil pours easily without allowing air into the package, keeping it fresh for extended periods. This size is perfect for high volume users.